It has been ten years...time to start a new chapter

This is my first blog post in ten years...

In 2010, I wrote once a month about the progress of my sweet little baby’s battle with cancer. It was a way to keep family and friends updated on his progress. Christian was 6 months old when he was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer that rapidly develops in the retina which can occur in children under the age of five. Most cases are discovered by parents in photographs where they use a flash. I have always loved photography but never thought it could save a life. We have just celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Christian’s last chemo treatment so I felt now was a fitting time to start another blog.

Ten years have flown by. I have gone from babies to middle schoolers, moved across the country, renovated half of an old house (yes only half), and started a business. When I think about the next ten years it seems so long from now, but looking at the past ten years I know it will go by fast. Time is short and no one knows what the future holds so what better time than now to start the next chapter.

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