Visual storytelling that connects your unique brand with your ideal customer

Stories connect us

People love to hear a good story. Stories of challenge, growth, and triumph have connected individuals for centuries. Especially now, customers want to know the story behind the products they use and the businesses they purchase them from. Every individual, business, and organization has a unique story to tell. Telling that story defines their brand and connects them to their ideal customer.

What is your story?


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Photos tell the story of where we have been and inspire our journey to where we will go next. Whether it is for websites, social media, or marketing material visual impact is critical in our ever-changing world. However, capturing that imagery can be challenging because of time and resources.


J. Laaper Studios provides personalized photography libraries, where you can access high quality and creative content that is uniquely yours and without paying an upfront fee. 


Virtual experiences bring stories to life. Unlike video where your customer simply watches their screen, a virtual experience allows them to explore your space in a multi-dimensional and self-paced way. Whether you own a shop, are a curator for a museum, or want to share the space where you create and sell your products, virtual experiences connect you with your ideal customers in a more authentic way. 


Through the use of 3D scans, embedded videos, audio clips, and photography, J. Laaper Studios provides virtual experiences that connect your customers with your space from anywhere they are.



Connecting you to your goals

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Develop a detail understanding of how your organization can benefit from photography and virtual experiences to best achieve its goals.

Planning & Styling

Mindful Planning

Full documentation of the list elements needed to effectively tell your organization's story. Whether it is walking through the production space, deciding on videos, researching material or discussing staging everything will be planned in advance to make production day goes smoothly and efficiently. 


Impactful Outcomes

Once the detailed planning and research have been completed, production will being to capture your organization's unique story and share it with the world.



This is my story...

Photography connects us with our past while helping us map out our futures. Whether it is creating a business, planning a vacation, or designing a house, photography can help grow our ideas but it can also save a life.  My story started out very ordinary. Like most new parents, I purchased a camera to capture every wonderful moment of our new daughter's life, the first step, first solid food, first birthday, etc. I didn't want to miss a moment but soon enough after all the first year firsts were over the camera was put away only to come out for birthdays and events.

When my son was born, the camera came out again and all the first pictures were taken to start documenting his life. However, there was something different in these photos than the ones of my daughter. There was a small white dot in the middle of his right eye. It was hard to see but there was something there. I didn't think much of it at first. I figured I was doing something wrong with the camera, but I made a doctor's appointment just in case. The following six months were a nightmare...

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