Local Photography Libraries

As a small business owner, you need to focus on your customer's needs but also the needs of the communities you serve. While it is easy to get basic stock photos online, they can be non-specific to your company and the communities you serve. 


Whether your business's story is best told in your place of service or in a studio setting, the best personalized and unique photos are captured when you are relaxed. Achieving that level of comfort is only possible through planning and providing a relaxing and collaborative experience. My studio not only has multiple backdrops and tools but also has different capabilities that are needed to bring your idea and your businesses brand to life.

Growing up on Cape Cod, you learn that the summer season is crucial for small businesses and that their success is key to the growth of the community. One of my first summer jobs was managing a local business and I loved it. The notion that you could take an idea and create a service or physical item to sell was exhilarating. After spending several years in business consulting and manufacturing, I still held on to the desire to own my own business. The problem was I didn't know what it would be. Not until I became a mother and had a life-changing experience did I find my passion...

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